About Hearing Solutions of Rockland in Nanuet, NY

From the moment our patients step through our doors, they feel welcomed and comfortable. At Hearing Solutions of Rockland, we feel as though each person is special and deserves the opportunity to have the gift of sound given back to them.

Hearing Solutions of Rockland is a full service hearing aid dispensing practice that is privately owned and operated by Carol Ferber. Carol has been providing the gift of hearing and sound for over 30 years and feels that all of her patients deserve to have the highest quality of life possible. With a nursing degree, Carol has gained the compassion, patience, and knowledge necessary to help each individual person. Carol is a member in good standing with the hearing Healthcare Alliance of New York Inc.
Lady with the man — Hearing Solutions in Nanuet, NY
Carol's son, Michael joined the practice in 2012. Since coming to Hearing Solutions of Rockland, Michael has brought a wealth of knowledge in cutting edge hearing aid technology along with providing his patients with individualized care and quality attention. Michael is a member of the International Hearing Society and a member in good standing of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance of New York.

Hearing Solutions of Rockland, based in Nanuet, New York, provides hearing testing and specializes in hearing aids and devices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.