Hearing aids are designed to be a large part of our daily lives and should be one of the first things on your packing list when it is time for a trip. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, it is important to have a few tricks in mind when you travel with your hearing aids to ensure they are always in peak working condition and you never miss a thing!

  1. Power is Paramount — Make sure you are traveling with the correct power source for your hearing aids! Having your charger and power cord packed — or bringing extra batteries — is important to keeping your aids usable your entire trip. 
  2. Confidence in Communication — Communicate with travel companions and service workers (flight attendants, hotel staff, etc.) that you have a hearing loss, and be willing to ask for assistance when needed. Don’t leave your hearing aids at home in an attempt to keep them safe. If you have a set plan in place for traveling with your hearing aids, then loss is unlikely and you will be able to hear clearly throughout your travels. 
  3. Pack like a Pro — Pack all hearing aid supplies (batteries, charging stations, accessories etc.) in your carry-on luggage and keep them on the plane with you. Lithium-ion batteries cannot be in checked luggage! 
  4. Airport Acumen — Wear your hearing aids through TSA (you shouldn’t have to take them off) and put assistive devices through x-ray screening. 
  5. Flying Fallacy — You do not have to turn off your hearing aids or their wireless features on a plane. The FAA exempts devices like hearing aids and pacemakers because they don’t emit signals that might interfere with aircraft controls. 
  6. Lodging Logistics — Establish a dedicated area within your home-away-from-home for your hearing aid supplies/accessories when you get to your destination. Do not leave them balled up in napkins or tissues and always put them in their case in the designated space. 
  7. Accessory Access — Bring accessories like a Remote Microphone or a Table Mic. Having tools that can best help you communicate with the world around you will help your vacation be high in enjoyment and low in stress! 
  8. Connect to your Cell —  Thrive Hearing Control app allows you to have control over your devices while in your daily lives, and can also help you find misplaced aids. By keeping your hearing aids and Thrive connected, you can quickly locate your aids if they are not found in the designated area that you set up while traveling. You can also take advantage of Thrive’s numerous features, like its translation feature, reminder function, and smartphone streaming capabilities to get the most out of your trip. 
  9. Water is Wet — If you are traveling near water (beach, ocean, lake, etc.) or will be engaging in activities that may have you sweating, having either a dry aid kit (for battery style aids) or a desiccant brick (for rechargeable aids) can help you dry out your aids after moisture exposure. 
  10. Keep it Clean — Don’t forget your cleaning tools (cloth, brush, wax guards, etc.) so that you can keep your aids in good working order. Follow your normal daily upkeep even when traveling to ensure that your aids stay well maintained. 

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